Travis Rice Artist

“You’ve got a Methodist coloring book and you color very well. But don’t color outside the lines or God will send you to hell.” The Dead Milkmen

I am interested in the most fundamental element of the graphic arts, the mark. I am currently exploring the idea of marks as objects and modules that repeat and evolve into larger forms. In my paintings the process starts with a simple doodle or sketch made up of marks based on an abstract notion like an emotion or personality trait. This doodle serves as a generator from which I can extrude three dimensional forms via the computer and 3D modeling software. I cultivate these groupings by duplicating them over and over again building complexity and mass into the model. The 3D software allows me to roam through, over and around the entangled heap and choose compositions within a defined picture plane. In searching for compositions I am intrigued by the unoccupied spaces, the pockets, and crevices that release light and give a glimpse beyond.

My installations explore marks as modules that accumulate to create ordered masses. The approach is similar to that of the impressionist painter but the brush stroke has been replaced by individual thin strips of paper that are the resultant product of a mechanical shredder. The constructed forms are meant to imply frozen motion often starting from the ceiling and cascading to the floor.

My palette is at one moment subjective and in another moment a basic application of color theory, but always gaudy and corrupt. Color allows me the opportunity to interject my cynical sense of humor and infatuation with early Disney cartoons. Ultimately, I see the work as a celebration of composition’s most fundamental element represented in an optimistic, mischievous manner while at the same time maintaining an aspiration toward intellectual purpose.